SuperVision+ Search - A new app for visually impaired

iOS and iPadOS

Here is a free app designed specifically for visually impaired. It is developed with support from Research to Prevent Blindness foundation.

Have you ever had difficulty in finding info on direction boards, or a book/product on shelf? Here comes a smart magnifying glass to help.

The way it works is like using Google. You use Google search in the digital world.
Now you can use the app to search in the physical world. Point your camera to documents, product labels, bank statements, or restaurant menus. Speak your keywords, the app will locate the areas of interest for you. Then you may zoom in to read details.



Submitted by Peter Saathoff on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

As far as I can tell, almost every button in this app lacks an accessibility label, making it difficult to impossible for VoiceOver users to use the app. This seems like a pretty large oversight and I would encourage doing the very small amount of work to fix it.

Submitted by Support Vision on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

We certainly can add VoiceOver feature. But can people help us understand how much it is needed? The app is designed for people with some residual vision. Once the area of interest is located, the user can zoom in to read. We assumed partially sighted people can see those buttons. Please let us know if that is not the case.

Submitted by Ann Marie B on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

This app sounds great for people with some usable vision. A suggestion would be for it to have availability for voice over users as well. The user can point the camera to say a restaurant menu, speak keywords, and addition to the zoom feature there can also be a read allowed feature where voice over reads the results.

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