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Hello All,
this is Gabriele here.
I recently heard a podcast, Blind Abilities, which is very nice and remarkable, in which they talked about an App called Super LIDAR.
You may find the show here:

This App should be developed by Shane's Lowe Team, who is well know to be the Supersense's father, :)

So, I searched for the Super LIDAR within the App store and I've got no result. This may have 3 reason: due the fact I'm on italian Appstore, because the App is for beta testers only or because no releases have been published yet.

I'd like ask if anybody knows something more and want to share it.

If it could be possible, I'd love to try it as a betatester, even a translator for italian, if needed.

Thanks for every kind of information.

Take care and be happy!



Submitted by Squirrel on Friday, January 15, 2021

According to SuperSense on Twitter, the app was approved by Apple last week. However, it's not yet in the App Store.

Presumably there's been some last minute work on the app, as they had previously said it was to be available the week before Christmas.

Submitted by Gabriel on Saturday, January 16, 2021

It could be possible send them a message in order to ask some more info?
Does anybody suggest a good way to contact them?

Submitted by Nimer J on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The BTG team has tried out the Super LiDAR and provided a demo. The podcast is not out yet in its edited form, however will be soon. I will post the link here once it is out. However, the YouTube version, unedited, is out, and can be viewed at
You can subscribe to the BlindTechGuys podcast in your favorite podcast client, or use your favorite smart speaker to play the latest episode. You can always check out as well, and as soon as the edited version is up, it will be the first cast up there.