Suggestions for Reading Museum Displays

iOS and iPadOS

I am interested in any suggestions you might have for the best apps that would allow me to scan and read wall displays in museums in my area. I may bring someone, but I may wish to realive them of having to read every single display.

I do have KNFB Reader, Say Text, and Voice. I am looking at other apps, preferably those that can work with or without an internet connection. Does anyone out there have suggestions? Thanks



Submitted by Chuck on Friday, June 26, 2015

Hi Tina,

I have found that the KNFB Reader, with a blue tooth headset, really shines in this application. My wife is a museum professional, so I have the opportunity to visit a wide variety of museums.

The only problem I have encountered is museum staff telling me that I can not take photographs in the museum. I explain that I am not taking photos, rather that I am capturing text. I usually show them my iPhone's screen, which only has the text on it. Most of the time this satisfies them, however I have had some who persist, so I tell then if they do not allow me to capture the text, then they must supply me with a reader, other wise they are in violation of the American's With Disabilities Act.

It usually works.