suggestions for good reference and how-to books

iOS and iPadOS
Hi All, I'm looking for suggestions on reference books I can use to move up from a beginner level Mac user to an intermediate or advanced level. Both hardware and software focussed books are welcome. Of course, as little as possible focus on mouse navigation is appreciated. Books strong in support of Mac-based networking and web site creation and maintenance are also highly desirable. By "books" I mean e-books or recorded audio. Thanks in advance. /jp



Submitted by Eirik the Red on Monday, October 22, 2012

Hi. Have you considered the iBookstore? I'm not sure about hardware-related reference books, but all the programming and development titles I've downloaded thus far have been very accessible and easy to use.

Submitted by Julio Perez on Monday, October 22, 2012

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Sorry, I realize that I'm posting in the wrong area. I'll move further discussion to the general and/or hardware areas. Thanks for the iBook suggestion but, I always find that I get more useful results from the iTunes search engine with specific authors or titles than by browsing.

"Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual Mountain Lion Edition" I just started reading it but it is easy to read and looks like it will cover all the material I need to learn and confirm for a comfortable transition. Thanks for the suggestion of the author. /jp