Subscriptions scramgled in NFB Newsline app

iOS and iPadOS

I am running the latest update of NFB Newsline and iOS 12.1.2.

On my iPhone 6, all of my NFB Newsline subscriptions were organized alphabetically and, within each section, by date ascending.

Since I upgraded my phone to an iPhone XR I now see that all of my subscriptions are scrambled and no longer organized alphabetically. In fact, whereas magazines with the same name used to be grouped together, now the magazines are all jumbled and interspersed with each other.

I tried removing all subscriptions and re-subscribing. I also tried removing the app and re-downloading it to my phone. Neither process fixed the problem.

I'm wondering if anyone else has observed this or has a fix to the problem. It would make it a whole lot easier to find and read desired magazines if they were sorted properly as they used to be.

Thanks for any advice.