Stuttering speech while typing in iOS14.2 - Is there a fix?

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Hello everyone,

I have noticed something weird while typing, actually ever since iOS13 but, much to my dismay, the problem seems to persist even now in iOS14.2. When typing in a text field in any app with my Focus 5-display* VoiceOver keeps "stuttering", i.e. saying every letter twice or at least 1.5 times when I type. If you write the letter f, for instance, it'll say "eh-eff" or "eff-eff". It's really quite annoying.

* I have not tried this with a bluetooth keyboard since I don't have one.

This problem only seems to occur if focus of VO is in the text field, for example if I wanna check what I type while typing. So, if I'm typing and the focus is somewhere else, like on the "attach media"-button in messages, VO does not stutter. Probably because of this, it does not stutter when you type on the on-screen keyboard either. I use 3 different router languages and all voices do it, so it's apparently not connected to just one voice or language. I have not noticed any other lag that's been reported in any of the voices thus far.

Is there anybody else that has bumped into this problem? Does anybody know if there's a fix or if this has been reported to Apple?

Thanks in advance, and stay safe!




Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Friday, December 4, 2020

Yes, i haveing this issue. In Hebrew it worse from English, when i am typing letter my BrailleSense Polaris cose toVoice Over crashes. It’s happends to both my Braille Displayes VarioUltra and Polaris. I haven’t fine fix to that exept report to Apple Accessibility about those problems.