Study Bible apps?

iOS and iPadOS
Hello to everyone! I am new to being blind. Has been hard to find an accessible study bible on the computer as well as for my iphone. I am using bible gateway and You Version but these are not study bibles. Any help, I will be very thankful. Thanks everyone.



Submitted by Cliff on Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Try PocketSword. You can download bibles, commentaries, bible dictionaries, and I think some devotional material. When you go to the commentaries, it shows the work for the whole book, so you must page down, but it works. The only think I have not had as much success is with Strongs numbers. They work but are not very easy to navigate. For that, I have TouchBible. Another one is simply Bible from Life Church Tv. It has a number of bible versions and a few helps.