Stuck on the Setting up screen on Vorail

iOS and iPadOS

I need help! I've turned on iCloud Drive, but all Vorail does is "setting up...", and when I flick left, VoiceOver says "in progress". I'm now located in Beijing, China, with an iPhone SE running iOS 10.0.2. Also, my SE is a product made for Chinese mainland users. Have I done anything wrong or have I left anything undone? I'd love to explore this app!



Submitted by Vorail on Thursday, October 27, 2016

hi David, Vorail may not be reachable from China. Vorail uses the Google Cloud Platform, and last time we looked, Google was blocked from China.

Submitted by David Lai on Friday, October 28, 2016

I see! Yeah, that's the situation over here. Well, that's a pitty. Then I wish you guys all the best in making this app. It's really special, in my opinion. Good luck and God bless!