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HI all
I'm having a big struggle.
Here is some background:
The very first time I put music onto my IPhone5s was using Itunes11 for windows.
The amount of songs I put onto my IPHone via itunes11 was 2035 songs.
Now I updated to itunes12.
A dialogue popped up asking if I want to update to itunes12 and I chose to update.
I thought of giving itunes12 a try.
So I wanted to add more songs to my IPHone.
All the music I want to put onto my IPHone is in one folder on my computer's hard drive; I named this folder IPHone . In windows explorer, I pressed alt enter while the IPhone folder is highlighted.
The properties' dialogue in windows explorer shows there is 2280 files in total excluding the subfolders.
I struggle a lot in the itunes program to add and delete songs.
So using windows explorer first I went to the itunes folder within the users folder on the c drive.
I deleted the 2 library files: the library database file and the library.xml file.
Next using windows explorer, I copied the music I want to add to the music on my phone.
I copied the music to the IPHone folder.
Now I have 2280 songs.
Next I opened the Itunes program and I added the folder with all the music.
ON the file menu I choose add folder to library.
I pressed alt f followed by d.
I navigated to the folder I have named IPHone and I press the select button.
After a while I heard the ding sound letting me know all the files have been added to the library.
Using windows explorer I noticed that the 2 library files has been created again containing all the music I added to my library.
Next I connected my IPHone to my pc with the USB cable.
I pressed the synch button in itunes.
First, a message came up saying library could not be synched, unknown error -50.
I tried again, I pressed the synch button again.
After a while I heard the ding sound letting me know my music library has been synched.
Now I disconnected my phone from my pc.
Now I double tapped the music icon on the home screen on my IPHone to open the music ap.
Now inside the music ap I double tap on track list and it shows me there is 696 songs.
What happened that my IPHone only recognizes 696 songs?
Before I added the other music and before I synched my phone with my library using itunes12 there was 2035 songs on my IPHone.
But then there was some more music that I wanted to add.
Now after adding these and synching my IPHone with my library, my phone only shows 696songs.
Also, in the itunes program, I cannot read with jaws the amount of songs in my library.
I have jaws13.
With itunes11 it showed the total amount of songs but now with itunes 12 it only shows me albums and play lists. There is not a radio button for songs.
The 2280 songs contains the 2035 songs already on my IPhone.
Before I synched my IPHone with my music library yesterday evening, there was 2035 songs on my IPHone. Now after I synched my IPHone with my library there appears to be only 696 songs.
IN the track list screen voice over tells me there is 696 songs.
Also some of the songs that I intended to add does not appear.
AS an example:
One of the songs I added is called:
03 Jalousie - Tango
I moved to the rotor setting for headings.
Then I flicked up and down until I get to the heading for 03 but that song is not added.
So I want to put 2280 songs in total onto my IPHOne which is the 2035 songs I initially had on my IPHone plus 245 new songs that I want to add to my IPHone.
My question: Has all 2280 songs been copied onto my phone?
If so, how can I refresh my music ap on my IPHone so that it will show me all the songs I have added?
If indeed there is only 696 songs then what should I do?
Should I delete all the music from my IPHone and start all over again?
If so, how do I delete all music and start over?
Many thanks for any help



Submitted by Mister Kayne on Friday, November 14, 2014

I find many on this site saying that iTunes 12 is better, snappier and whatever. I personally think it's junk. Just like you being adventurous I decided to upgrade. I usually take 2 to 3 days to get friendly with any new application. Sometimes the miracle happens in a hour. But it's been 3 weeks with iTunes 12 and I have pulled too much hair. I would have the following suggestions for you:

Revert to iTunes 11.2 by unstalling the current one; make sure you delete the crappy folders that iTunes created.

Try creating a playlist in iTunes 12 with all your songs in it.

You can delete playlist on the IP, not sure about songs, surely there must be a way.

Submitted by Mister Kayne on Friday, November 14, 2014

If you have decided to go with the first option I suggested; mail me off this list at: I will send you the dropbox link to the iTunes 11.2 installation file.

Submitted by Troy on Saturday, November 15, 2014

I agree, I don't like the new layout of ITunes 12, I think we should contact apple about it, I am also wondering if jaws16 which I'm currently running even has full support for it as when fs released jaws16 ITunes was never mentioned.