Strange voice-over performance sometimes. Need help.

iOS and iPadOS
Hi. Sometimes on my 4S running IOS 6. voice-over ddisappears. It remains, however, available during phone calls. So, if I call my iPhone from my land line, I can use voice-over during the call, to turn other apps on/off, to check and modify settings, etc. Sometimes, voice-over has been turned off and/or triple click home has been turned off in accessibility settings, but not always. When I hang up the call, I again lose voice-over. I also lose any sound-producing apps I've initiated during the call. Sometimes, rebooting fixes the problem, but not always. Sometimes I can fix the problem by attaching the iPhone to my computer and turning off and on again the radio button for voice-over, under "configure accessibility" in iTunes. But, the only reliable fix is time and prayer. The voice-over fixes itself. The problem is most prevalent when I turn voice-over off to use a musical instrument app, and then can't get it back. I'm completely confused. Doug Martin



Submitted by Greg T Kelchner on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hi Doug… This sounds like a very interesting problem. I might suggest taking your phone to the closest Apple Store (if there is one close to you) and having the folks there take a look at it. If they can't identify why your phone is behaving in this way they will surely replace it with a new iPhone… And this kind of problem should be covered under your warranty. If you are going to take this course of action, however, I would advise you to back a copy of your iPhone up to iTunes… Or if you have an iCloud account back a copy of your phone up to iCloud… This way if you do need to get a new phone you can just restore from one of those pre-existing backups and it will be just like you have your old phone… (Of course hopefully without the voiceover issues) I hope this helps, Greg