strange Issue With voiceover Voices.

iOS and iPadOS

I'm using an iPhone 6+ using iOS12 and am a Voiceover user. I'm having a somewhat strange issue. A while back, the Voiceover voices were updated to include some additional pronunciations. I use Scansoft Karen, but the rest of the Scansoft voices also received the update. I recently had my Karen enhanced voice defaulted to the compact version and the only way I could get the enhanced voice to work again was to delete and reinstall the voice. The voice I downloaded though, is the older version without the updated pronunciations, such as lol pronounced l o l, the roman numerals II and III actually pronounced two and three, as well as some others. No matter how many times I redelete the voice and reinstall it, I can't get the updated pronunciations back. Sometimes, when I once more have an issue with the voice defaulting back to the compact voice and have to reinstall it, I get them back, but I can't just fix it when it breaks. And once I lose the updated pronunciations on one voice, I lose it on all of them. I've turned Voiceover off and back on, I've rebooted the phone, I've deleted the faulty voices, and nothing works, until the enhanced voice I'm using breaks and forces me to reboot the phone, delete the voice, and reinstall it.