Strange issue with Audio Description in a particular @Netflix Series

iOS and iPadOS

I use all the time the Audio Description channels when using Netflix on my iPhone, and have experience switching audio channels since I watch TV in English and in Spanish. Something strange happened to me las Saturday. I started watching the first episode of Hit & Run. I was using what appeared in the Audio menu as English Dubbed with Audio Description. Among several other languages in English there were 3 alternatives: English Original, English Dubbed, and English Dubbed with Audio Description.

I didn't finished the episode that night, and when I tried to continue watching it the next day, the Audio Description wasn't available. Both the English Dubbed, and the English Dubbed disappeared from the menu. I contacted Netflix via chat without success. If I connect to Netflix using my Mac, the AD channel is available. I logged out of Netflix and logged in again in the iPhone without success. I tried in an iPad, and the result was the same as in the iPhone

Have anyone here experienced something similar in the past? Any suggestions will be appreciated since I hate using Netflix in the Mac. I prefer to be able to walk around the house with the iPhone in my pocket and the Earpods in my ears watching TV.