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hello there. Firstly, please excuse the following rather long post - I'm just anxious to make sure I explain my query without confusing anybody further.

Since updating to IOS13 on my iPhone SE yesterday I've noticed my battery is draining at an alarming rate. I realize it is getting a bit old now (current maximum performance is 81%), but it's losing life at an incredible rate. For instance, after performing 2 tasks consecutively (clearing my notification centre and making an alteration to my control centre). Following those two simple and quick tasks the battery life had decreased from 17 to 13%.

I have made various alterations within settings in an attempt to save battery life, including switching the screen to dark mode (since I rely solely on Voiceover), I always leave screen curtain turned on unless I need sighted assistance, Bluetooth stays switched off unless I am using other devices like my Bluetooth speakers, battery optimizing is currently turned on, and the device is set to lock automatically after 1 minute of inactivity. I never leave the phone on charge overnight, but each night before bed I make a habit of forcing all apps to close down using the app switcher, Wi-Fi is switched off, and I turn on airplane mode so that I'm not disturbed by notifications during the night.

Before I updated my battery would typically notify me once a day that it was low. Since the update it has started telling me at least twice.

While I understand that there are countless reasons why phone batteries might not hold their charge for long, I am nonetheless a bit concerned that even though mine is getting older, surely it shouldn't be losing charge quite so quickly considering it was behaving fine while I was using IOS12?

I just wondered if anyone might be able to suggest anything else I might try apart from the steps I have listed above in order to conserve battery life a bit longer.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions; much appreciated :)



Submitted by BigPawedBear on Saturday, September 21, 2019

HI, sounds from your health 81 % that your battery needs replacing. mine went like yours has, and it was at 94 percent health, but acting like a mess. once you get a new battery, all will be fine.

Hi. Yes I am intending to replace it as soon as funds will allow, but in the meantime, until I can get enough money together (money is tight for me), I was just wondering whether there were any other steps I could take until I can replace it.

Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Go to privacy, go to analitic and slide until yoou see which app keeps repeating that maybe that the app is using to much energy. I do notice that battery dos not long even when you are not using the phone. I am using X S and iOS 13. My bettery is at 89 %.

Submitted by rachel on Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Ok thanks I'll do that. Mine seems to be ok when I'm not using the phone, but as soon as I go to do anything it drops dramatically in a very short space of time (we're thinking like a couple of minutes).

Submitted by Seanoevil on Saturday, September 21, 2019

If your problems only started after upgrading, then perhaps some of the Apps you use are not properly optimised for IOS 13. Keep updating your Apps in the App Store.
I also suggest having just one or two apps open at any one time. This way, you might be able to identify which apps are draining your battery so quickly... Dyt

Submitted by Poly on Saturday, September 21, 2019

Rachel, this is Poly, , to anyone that is experiencing this if you updated to the new iOS and have turn on your voice command control options then you will see your battery drain like no other, it doesn’t matter if you have a new iPhone or an older iPhone like mine which is the 6S. You need to turn the voice commands for a voiceover control off. Do you know the one where you command your voiceover with your own voice that is always going to be connected To a streaming service, so turn that off. Then your battery will be back to normal.

Submitted by Lukas on Sunday, September 22, 2019

Keep it charging whenever you can. That's unfortunately the most efficient solution for the moment, until you can afford a new battery. 81 % is really torn down condition for the poor little tiny battery in the SE, which has always been barely enough to maintain the phone's incredible performance and power, even when new. I mean, since the very beginning, they shouldn't have approved the decision to ship the unit with such a small battery. The lower the battery health drops, the less charge it can actually hold. That means that even if the battery shows, for instance, 80 % charged, that 80 % will not be able to last for nearly as long as when the battery was brand new. My 4S was doing just the same thing. These are definitely the symptoms of an overaged battery. It could remain at 80 or 90 % the whole day. Then, the moment I picked the phone up, even if it was just to look at notifications or a message, it could drop to like 20 % in 10 minutes or so. And from the moment it was anywhere near 20 % or lower, you never knew at what exact moment it would just shut down on you in the middle of doing something without any warning at all. I've had a 7 Plus and now an XS Max after the 4S, if not counting the brief period of about three months when I had borrowed a friend's old, no longer used 5C until I could afford the 7 Plus, and I never managed to get the battery in the 7 Plus to behave this poorly.

Submitted by Voracious P. Brain on Friday, December 6, 2019

Boy, #7 sounds exactly like my experience with my SE. The battery is only a year old, too, and registers as 89% of original capacity; but I do get the sudden drops, the shut-downs, etc. One thing to improve the situation moderately is to go into IOS 13 battery settings and disable charge optimizing in the Battery Health screen, ironically. Although what Lucus said makes sense, I can't help wondering if IOS 13 was just too much for the 6S and SE generation of phones somehow. I'm sure they don't test with models that old during development.