Strange ducking bug with ICatcher.

iOS & iPadOS
This one is intermittent, but I've noticed a time or two that whilst listening to a podcast, I've heard the podcast playing not quite recover from a volume ducking when Voice over happens to talk over it, even though it shows the volume at a full 100 percent. It recovers after maybe pausing it with the two finger double tap and then making it play again.



Submitted by Gadget Meistress on Wednesday, September 18, 2013

to be a bit more accurate, I found that this seeming inability to recover full volume actually happens if I just do a two finger single tap when voice over may not be talking. Making voice over talk seems to be one way to allow it to recover, however, say if I just swipe my finger once to the left or right to make it say something. Then it seems to bring the volume back up.

Yes, this occur with me as well. It happens in a number of apps that I've tried during the testing. Audio Books, Podcasts, Music, and such things. It is quite annoying but as you have mentioned. It can be fixed quite easily. I just flick until the VO says something. At this point the volume will then come back up to the normal level. So you are not alone. :)