Spotify: scrolling tracks issue

iOS & iPadOS

Hello all! I wonder if it Is only me who is experiencing troubles with tracklists on Spotify? This issue appeared A couple of updates of Spotify app ago. When I scrol tracks in a playlist or an album, Voiceover's cursor constantly brings me back to the beginning of a page or drops me to the end. If, for instance, I want to play a certain track, I can't do this anymore, however, it's one of the basic features of any decent music app or player! I reported the issue to Spotify support team. I also told them about the podcast section of the app which has the same "scroll and jump" bug. I think, the more visually impaired users tell them about our needs, the quicker they will react.



Submitted by Jo Billard on Monday, August 3, 2020

I've had Spotify for a few weeks and I thought it was just par for the course. I also can't find that elusive sleep timer, no matter how many times people tell me where it is, because on my phone, it simply isn't there. I am using the free app, if that makes any difference. aAbout ready to ditch it and look for a new app, if one exists.

Submitted by Cowboy on Monday, August 3, 2020

I have seenthis happen with podcasts but not with my music tracks. I usually don't look for a specific track though I just play a radio station or my liked songs on shuffle.

Another problem I have with it that I need to report and haven't is with car play. When I hook it up in our truck, my wife is driving so I should control the music right, I have to exit the now playing screen to find out the artist and title of the song but go back into now playing to skip to the next track. That only happens while it's connected to car play and displaying information on the screen in the truck.

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