spotify on ios and airplay?

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Hello everyone, I am planning to buy an airplay enabled speaker in the near future for use wih my laptop and my ios devices. I use spotify on my iphone a lot and yesterday i visited a friend who has already gotten airplay working. I could stream from tunein radio pro but in spotify i could not find a button to stream the current track. Does anyone know if spotify supports this and if it is doable to turn this on with voiceover? Thanks in advance Greetings, Anouk,



Submitted by Jen on Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spotify has some strangely labeled buttons, which is why you may not have seen the screen where the airplay option is located. When you start playing a track, or a radio station, you're on what I think of as the main screen. In the top left corner of this screen, where the "back" button usually is for apps on IPhone, there's a button labeled "NP Info Glyph." Clicking this button takes you into a more detailed screen for the track you're playing. If you one-finger-flick to the right through this page, you'll see the artist, track title, album title, and then some options. "Add to" - This button lets you add the track to any playlist in your Spotify library. Star - If you love a song, starring the track adds it to the "starred track playlist" which is a premade Spotify playlist that contains all your favorite songs. Share - You can send the song right to one of your friend's Spotify in-boxes if you think it's one they'd particularly like. Start Radio - Start a new radio station from this track. After all those options is the volume, and finally the "airplay" button. Clicking it takes you to the options for whichever devices you have that are Airplay enabled, and you just choose the device you want, and enjoy from there. If you need to get back to the original screen, somewhere back up near the top of the page is a button labeled "hide." That will take you back to the track's main screen."