Spotify free for mobile users too

iOS and iPadOS
Hello! I was wondering if AppleVis community noticed this news: Spotify extends its free plan to mobile devices! The difference from previous plan to this plan, is that: 1. the listeningg limit of 10 hours per month has been removed. Or, at least, in spotify site I found no mention about "10 hours limitation" so I can suppose it no longer exists. 2. on smartphones, such as iPhone or android phones, you cannot search for, or listen to, a single and specific song whenever you wish. You can search for the artist's name, find out albums, add single tracks to existing and newly created playlists, but you can only listen to artists, radios and playlist in random mode, with the ability to skip tracks; track skipping has a limitation of 6 tracks. For example you can search for Nirvana, but not for "about a girl". The Nirvana's song "about a girl" may start playing, but, you have the probability to listen also to something else from Nirvana's catalogue. 3. Tablets have not the limitation of searching song titles. This means that on iPhone you just have shuffle mode, but if you use Spotify for iPad, you can use it normally to search for songs. The free plan includes advertisements during playback I just found out that on iPhone, spotify crashes when I double-tap with 2 fingers to pause music; on iPad it doesn't, but I find iPad's interface less accessible then iPhone's I think we must still insist to have spotify accessible on computers too, but, I am also conscious that, even if it has not been a blind-related matter but a commercial matter, the fact now spotify supports a free plan for mobile devices is a step forward for all of us! Maybe the majority of this community comes from USA, someone could say, "who cares, i have itunes radio"; well, I don't, yet! I am from poor italy so many good american services are not available. I think it's a matter of time but for now I felt like sharing this spotify information with you all. bye for now