Spoken Verse 2.0 Released

iOS and iPadOS

The newest version of the Spoken Verse app has just been released. It is free. It uses any of three versions of the Bible to speak any verse or chapter to you when you speak the address ( John chapter 3 verse 16, or John chapter 3).

Many features and updates have been added. You speak the address (Psalms chapter 23) and the app will lookup and recite the verse to you highlighting the words as they are spoken in red. A next/previous button is active to go to the listen to the next or previous verse. A new button has been added to say and display a preselected Daily Verse. A new button to pause and resume the speaking of longer verses has been added to the toolbar at the bottom of the app. There is also a repeat button to say a verse a second time and also a back button to select another version.

Please try it out and let us know how we can improve it. Thank you. In the AppStore as Spoken Verse.

Norm Pettus



Submitted by Milton on Monday, August 26, 2019

I like the speed of Spoken Verse but cannot figure out how to get passages like 1 King chapter 2 Verse 5 to read back.

Also the app keeps giving me an error when I request for book 2 Peter, chapter 2, Verse.

What is the proper command for requesting a book that has a number before it?