spellcheck using pages?

iOS & iPadOS
Hi all, When I spellcheck using pages, it shows me the words I have misspelled but I can't seem to find anywhere that contains suggestions on what to change it to. This is a very minor problem, as I can obviously find the word through other means if I don't know how to spell it, but wanted to see if any of you had any suggestions on this.



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hi first of all I understand that you use Pages on the iOS devices, so let start with. the spellcheck is a feature that using voiceOver could be little hard to use it, but not impossible, you need to know and use few voiceOver gestures and there are many reasons why in specific words show the notification or alert (misspelled) and sometimes doesn't. okay so I will start with the follow: one of the reason why shows up misspelled could be that you are using a bluetoot or external keyboard. another reason could be because you are trying to write words on other language I don't know may personal names, citty names, or simple words. there are a podcast how to use the spellcheck feature who I did on this forum, look for. I'm going try to be breeve to give you some idea how works it. I hope understand the description you will need to use voiceOver Gestures Flick gesture using one finger flick right move to the next item flick left move the previous item double tap to select that as well suggest to you on case use or costumize iOS keyboards to change or reclinize easier specific words, to do this go to setttings // general// Language// keyboard// on the iOS devices. okay how does spellcheck work? starting on the word that shows up misspelled using the default keyboard on iOS devices, step 1 select the word i will give some example aple (a p l e) misspelled step 2 press once delete key it will bring some alert many items step 3 when shows up the alert many items follow for the first suggestion, backing at the example the first suggestion most of the time is the correct apple (a p p l e) many items. normally give 3 possible suggestions you can use voiceOver gestures as voiceOver rotor selection by word or character step 4 use the flick gesture remmenber flick right move to the next item flick left move to previous item on the example with the word aple (a p l e) if I use flick left I will find the second suggestion for example apps (a p p s) of corse you are not looking for this word, just keep continue flicking for more suggestions. step 5 when you have found the correct suggestion press double tap to select it and follow by Space on the example with the aple (a p l e) word press double tap on the correct word apple (a p p l e) and you will hear autocorrection then press space bar. and move to the next word. I hope this helps.