Spell checking with bluetooth keyboard

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Is it possible to spell check a selected word in iOS 8 when using a Bluetooth keyboard?

When typing into an app with VoiceOver and a Bluetooth keyboard, VoiceOver lets me know that a word is mis-spelled, but I haven't figured out how to get a list of possible spelling corrections.

If this is possible, please give me specific steps to do this.





Submitted by Bobcat on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Think We need to master the rotor methods on the keyboard first.
Nope. That isn't working. I'm just experimenting now using an app;le keyboard. I can see those pesky mispelled words and typos but can't get the roter to show suggestions  Tried changing the rotor with quick nave off but I guess it doesn't work.
Loooks like I needto find the entry on using spell check with voiceover and practice on the touch screen first.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, November 28, 2015

No there is no way. IN fact I've been asking apple to implement this since iOs 5 and since 2011. Email them or if you in the beta program such as myself send feedback the usual way.

Take care

Submitted by Tj on Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello all,

I am here to inform you that I have solved the long standing solution of not being able to spellcheck using a Bluetooth keyboard. If others have found the solution, great. For those, like me, who were struggling, maybe this will help.

So, what you do is, let's take a document in pages, for example.

After you have typed your document, you must turn quick nav off (left and right arrow together), and switch your router to lines. As you press the down arrow, your document will be read out line by line. If there is a miss spelling on the line, Voiceover will report that after the reading of the line has concluded. After this, you need to set your router to words, and navigate through the previous line until you found the error. Like previously, Voiceover will read allowed the word followed by "miss spelled," and then you can rectify it. You have two choices here. Make sure text selection is en your router, and utilize that to select the offending word. Switch to the edit item in the router, down arrow to replace, and then click on the appropriate word. If you are wanting to correct the error manually, you can simply find the word, press left and right together to exit quick nav, and arrow through, making corrections as you wish.

I know it's a bit cumbersome, but, this allows for you to proofread and spellcheck the document simultaneously. I will note that, for some odd reason, this is not working in the edit field on the apple is website. I really hope this helps some of you. Spellchecking a document via pages is, in fact, possible. I have not attempted this with other word processing apps like word or google docs, but, I am anticipating the same result.

Take care, and hope this helps!