Speeding Up Podcasts and Audible Books

iOS and iPadOS
Hello. I have a question/request for AppleVis members. As the title for this post states, I am interested in finding an app that will speed up audio podcasts. I have tried several recommended podcast apps, and do know that some offer speed options. Downcast is my favorite so far. I’m actually looking for an app that speeds up audio to a larger degree, similar to a digital talking book player, Victor Reader Stream, etc. I read most books on my phone, but still use my Victor Reader Stream for Audible and podcasts because there’s nothing that speeds up this audio content that fast on an IOS device. When my Stream eventually dies, I’d love to be able to just transition everything over to my IOS devices. Here is my question. Does anyone know of any apps that can speed up audio podcasts more than Downcast? My request for AppleVis users is to contact developers of Downcast and other popular apps to request faster audio playback. Speeding up audio seems to be very popular in the blind and visually impaired community, but mainly in the blind and visually impaired community. This isn’t a feature likely to be developed in any app, mainstream or disability related, without user feedback. I know many visually impaired users who would love this feature in a podcast app, myself included. If I’m not the only one who would love to see this feature, please help me in contacting app developers to request this feature. Two apps I’d especially like to see include this feature are Downcast and iBlink Radio. Downcast already speeds things up a bit. They just need to clean up the audio a little and increase the speed. The media player in iBlink Radio would be another great option. The app features several podcasts from the blind and visually impaired community, and the My Newspaper feature from Samnet provides additional Podcast and RSS content. I’d also love to see faster playback in the Audible app. I will be contacting the developers of Downcast, iBlink Radio, and Audible to request faster audio playback. Please include any other apps you would like to see include faster playback speed in the comments below. I’d also encourage you to contact the developers, as this is a rather unique request that developers likely wouldn’t hear from the mainstream community. Because this feature is such a unique request, it will likely take many of us to justify the time and effort to add these extra speed settings. From the Downcast App Store Page: If you encounter a bug or have a feature request please send an email to support@downcastapp.com or contact us on Twitter @DowncastApp. Thanks! To submit a request to Serotek, makers of iBlink Radio, just fill out the form and check the iBlink Radio checkbox at: http://www.serotek.com/contact From the Audible App Store page: Let us help you at www.audible.com/help or get in touch on Twitter @audible_com Thanks for the help, and hopefully we’ll see this feature in a future app soon.