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Hi! I want to know if i can to set speach rate of spacifick text to speach but that it's not affect on other text to speach. For example to provide speach rate of 14 percent and for other text to speach hebrew language for example to provide on 19 percent only hebrew text to speach. It's possible? Thenk for yours replys.



Submitted by Mark SARCH on Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hi Lieo
To be honest I did not understand your question, if you talk about:
Set SPEAKING RATE for some specific Language?
The answer is yes it is possible.
Let say you can set some specific SPEAKING RATE not matter how many voices you would set per individual Language, this changes apply for iOS7 and newer, to iOS7 those changes doesn't be reflected for some unknown reason however for iOS8 works as a charn.
To set the specific voice Language go to:
On this Speech windows go to
Rotor Languages heading
add new Language
pick your selection from the voice Languages list
Per Example
Hebrew Israel
After double tap on the selection will back at
Speech window
all your voices Languages will show just below of
Rotor Language Headings
Select more info button located below of each Language
per example
Hebrew Israel
more info Hebrew Israelbutton
On this new window per each voice Language you can make some changes as:
set as default
Download Enhanced Quality Remember to download Enhanced voices require WiFi connection.
Don't forget on the default voice you can make changes on voiceOver window

Submitted by Lielle ben simon on Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Hi! I don't shore that i am understand your reply.
Did you say that it's possible to set speach rate specific language but because known reason doesn't working? It's a bug in ios8? Thenk you again!