Speech Central - new edition for schools

iOS & iPadOS

I had a great feedback and help in this forum for improving my text to speech app Speech Central.

One big limitation of the app was that due to extensive web capabilities it had to be rated 17+. Unfortunately disabilities don't pick the age so I've decided to make a new edition of the app that would be targeted for the school age. As much of the web capabilities are moved out of the app to ensure only the safe access, it was a chance to further tailor the app to this age by regrouping some items and giving some new names that fit better to distinguish currently available tools.

Same as the original app, this app supports 11 file formats (all major document and e-book formats) which should cover the need of school related reading. The app also inherits the ability to comment or bookmark the paragraph that is essential to support the learning.

Also as many education institutions are important clients and they prefer simple deployments (and discounts that they get through the App Store), this version of the app is only paid but it is priced less than the full version of the original app.

You can get more details and obtain the app from the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speech-central-school-reader/id12904574…



Submitted by cool cat on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Haven't tried this particular app but the original app is great.I use it all the time. However, to be fair I haven't tried other apps like this.