Spectrum tv app is suddenly reading subtitles

iOS and iPadOS

Does anyone else stream content from spectrum tv? because out of nowhere, using the latest version, it suddenly reads out what I think are either closed captions or subtitles Either way it's completely makingme crazy. I don't have closed captions on andI can turn speech off but I shouldn't have too. Has anyone else has this weird behavior? I checked and the last update was maybe a week back or so.



Submitted by Survivor Wolf on Tuesday, August 17, 2021

I experimented to reproduce this behavior. The only way I can make it happen is with captions on and media descriptions for Voice Over set to speech or Speech and braille. Even if captions are on, changing the Voice Over setting should fix your issue. Try the following:

1. Open Settings, accessibility, Voice Over
2. Go to verbosity
3. Go to Media descriptions, which is near the bottom of the screen
4. choose the off setting

Hope that solves the issue for you!

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