Speaker Mode issue on iPhone 4S

iOS & iPadOS
Hi guys, i am legally blind and do a podcast to raise awareness about our community. This started happening 2 weeks ago or so. 2 things are happening that are related: 1. When i am in a phone call with speaker mode I hear the call volume high but the Voiceover volume is very low, tapping the screen makes a sound almost impossible to hear. Rotor Volume 90% and I play with it during the call but nothing changes. Music volume and Sounds volume are about 87% and play with those during the call and nothing changes. I have in Sounds the adjust with buttons off but also tried it with that On. With earphones all works fine and I can hear balanced the call volume and Voiceover volume. I also tried plugging and unplugging the earphones several times. 2. In a Skype call, on speaker mode using Skyrecorder app, my voice is heard well but the voice of the guest is low and when i tap the screen the sound is very low, the guest voice is not adjustable with any volume control I can find while before this issue I would control the volume of a guest voice with the iPhone side volume buttons. During the call I can hear the other person fairly well but when i finish recording and hear the final product in the app and computer my voice is fairly high but the guest voice is super low. I cant use earphones with Skyrecorder to record a talk so i need the speaker mode. Siri volume is fine, notifications come with normal volume, if i play music the volume is fine too. I thought about Restoring the phone but people say that changes nothing in that area and worry i can lose things. I dont know what else to change really, have even considered upgrading to iOS 7 to see if that changes something but that seem too powerful maybe. What do you think?