Soundscape Week on the Travelear app.

iOS and iPadOS

Hey friends! This community has helped Travelear grow and we couldn't be more thankful. We want to tell you about Soundscape Week. We're releasing a new 3D Soundscape to the Travelear app everyday for the next 7 days, starting today with "LAX Plane Landings". This is part of our Kickstarter Campaign to raise funds to build the Travelear web app. We know that not everyone can donate to our Kickstarter, and that's fine, our app is free. If you want to show us some love, you can share about us and our Kickstarter on social media. Thanks again and we hope you look forward to Soundscape Week.

Here's the link for our Kickstarter

Here's the link to the Travelear app, free on the App Store