Soundcloud issue

iOS and iPadOS

I recently had to restore my iPhone 4s because of an issue. I restored it from a backup, however, the latest backup was one that was done at the time my Soundcloud app wasn't set up with. Therefore, Soundcloud was one of the apps I had to set up again.
When I opened the tab I got the usual screen with the trending music, then I got 3 tabs, home search, and sign in tab, which changes to collection I believe after you are successfully signed in.
So, I went to sign in with my email and password. After I pressed go, the app crashed. But when I opened it, everything apart from the stream screen looked as if I was signed in as the sign in tab was now a collection tab.
But when I double tapped on the collection tab the app just crashed. It's been doing it every single time I tried double tapping on that tab. I assume nothing went wrong with the signing in process, but then I'm not sure what's this issue about?
Has anyone else experienced it? If so, have you got any advice on how to deal with it?


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