Sound volume randomly changing

Hi all. I'm using an iPhone8+ with the latest IOS 13.4 has anyone noticed volume of sounds changing? For instance, i'll have it set to 100% then if I am turning down speech late at night, or maybe just playing with the volume buttons to make sure I didn't get something stuck, I will find that the volume may be 73% or even 20% What's weird is, I know i have change with buttons off. When I just changed it now, my speech was very loud and did not go down until I was back out of the sounds and hapticks window. Is it me, or has anyone else noticed anything like this?


Sound volume randomly changing

Yes, this happens to me as well even though the volume buttons should not affect the change of the system volume. I'd chalk it up to a long list of bugs that are present in IOS. Its particularly frustrating if you depend on the alarm every day and randomly one day the volume is set to a much quieter volume. I typically have to look at my volume settings every day before setting alarms to make sure it is still loud enough. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this one except being extra cautious if you depend on the system volume.

Addition to my post

And yes its also a bug in the sounds and haptic screen as well. If you change the volume it sets it to a very loud volume or 100 percent. voiceOver will not go back to a regular volume unless you tap on the back button. Both these situations I am describing I would call bugs.