the sound of the keybords in iphones

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hello. I have a question about our keybord sound in our iphones. can we can change the sound of the keybord? or we can make it louder? thank you in adadvance!



Submitted by Lulu Hartgen on Friday, September 28, 2018

I have a few thoughts on this subject, but before I give them I have to say, from the word I have received when I asked this very same question a couple of days ago, the answer is no. There is no way either to change the sound or to make it louder.

I have always hated the "New" key click sound. It is actually not all that new now, but since my first iPhone had a nice sharp key click which I loved and did not want to lose, and indeed at the start I think there was a choice to go back to it at first, I still think of this almost non sound as new. I have not had to have too much to do with it in my previous phones. I use Braille Screen Input for the most part, and on the rare occasions I have had to use it I have put up with it. however, with the new XS Max I have been brought up against it and find it extremely frustrating. I need, for various reasons, to unlock my phone using a passcode. I find it takes longer to use BSI than to use the conventional method, that is to say usually. But sometimes using the conventional method can take far too long, because those quiet clicks will not tell me if I have not entered enough numbers and I will have to start again. The key click is far too quiet. In a room with only a tiny bit of background noise it is completely inaudible. I often heard it said when I was little: "If wishes were roses, the world would be a garden." but if I can't get rid of this keyboard sound entirely I wish I could turn it up at least so that I can hear it. And if I could really have what I wished, I wish I were able to choose from a few different sounds, or customise it myself to something that suited my own needs. But I suppose that is asking far too much in these days when I am feeling increasingly as if the wishes of people with any kind of accessibility needs are being bulldozed in Apple's relentless forward motion, seemingly toward a phone as big as an iPad.

Submitted by roman on Saturday, September 29, 2018

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hello. I am on your side. I loved the sound of the old versions of IOS. but the new ones? bad. if I want to listen the sound, I have to keep VO volume in to 1%. can't tell this to apple?

Submitted by Ekaj on Saturday, September 29, 2018

I can't agree more about the volume of the key clicks. I personally don't mind them and in fact think they're kinda cool. But I'd really appreciate it if Apple could implement a volume setting for them. I often have difficulty too with the passcodes/passwords, and it seems they occasionally come up even when Touch ID is enabled on my iPhone. I wish to heck that somebody would come up with a way to either increase the amount of times/tries one gets to log in, or eliminate these time-outs altogether. But I think I read somewhere that WCAG 2.1 deals/will deal with this issue. I believe it was Dean Martineau's "Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday" newsletter. He does such a good job with that.