Sound issues of VoiceOver on all plattforms

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Hi Folks,

Has anyone else noticed the increasing amount of sound issues in VoiceOver?

It began a few years ago on a new series of iMacs. VO volume increased and decreased while using it without touching the volume controls. I noticed this on several Macs not only on my own iMac.

I asked Apples accessibility team but they couldn‘t confirm this issue nor duplicate it. But it became better from update to update of Mac OS. The issue didn‘t vanish but now a days it only occurs if The volume of VO is turned down only in VoiceOvers own speach control not if I turn down volume using the system volume keys F11 and F12. I notice it regularly if I use Sound Forge in which I use a VO activity to lower the volume automatically to 20 %. During my work in Sound Forge the volume increases and decreases randomely.

But now: Since iOS 12 I notice similar issues on my iPhone XS and my iPad Pro 12.9 from 2016 as well. While I‘m writing this e-mail VO volume goes slidely up and down without me doing anything than typing on my Smart Keyboard.

Of course I'm not talking of Audio ducking. Audio ducking is turned off on all my devices.

It‘s not a huge issue but still annoying.

Has anyone of you noticed these issues as well? Or am I the only one? To me it seems that there might be a bug in the combination of VO and volume control of the different devices on all plattforms. Or it‘s a result of energy controles of the speakers. Or something completely different. I‘m not a programmer that I could really find the cause of this issue.

I‘m very interested to hear your thoughts about this.

All the best

Written on my iPad