Sound editor on iPad beside Hokusai and Ferite

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Hokusai and Ferite are developed by the same company and so they are in a way similar. Accessibility is quite good.
And here comes the but: It makes use of keyboard shortcuts on iPad but there are some missing to use it really productivly.
Here's what a good accessible sound editor needs in terms of shortcuts:
• mark in and out
• listen to the position of the playhead without moving it
• listen from the position without moving it
• preview a cut before cutting
• scrube mode to fast rewinding and forwarding
Hokusai does provide mark in and out (i and o) but nonne of the other functions as far as I know. Ferite is way to complicated to use in my opinion. To many swipes and clicks are necessary to accomplish even a simple task like editing a podcast.

So: do you know any other really easy to use and accessible sound editors for iPad?

I'm very used to use Sound Forge on the Mac and actually I'm looking for something similar on my iPad.

Thanks and all the best


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