Sound breaking with VO on my device

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I will explain my bugs with detail, also what device I am using.
So, the problem I have is VO and the sound on my iPad as well are breaking. What this means is that vo or the sound of what I listen to pauses, then resumes, but in a lower volume. Then eventually, it pauses again and blasts out of the speakers. I am trying to prevent this from happening by resetting and rebooting my device, but it just keeps coming back.
What should I do?
My device is an iPad Mini running 9.3.1.



Submitted by Missy Hoppe on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hi there! I'm experiencing this exact problem on my phone, and several of my co-workers are also experiencing it. This issue showed up around ios 9.2, I believe, and I find it very annoying. Apart from the ability to use Alex, I haven't been 100 percent happy with IOS since the good old ios 7 days; seems there's always at least one or two significant issues with every new update, some of which have been around since ios 8 came out. Of course, I can work around all of the issues that annoy me; am pretty much resigned to them being permanent at this point, but this audio one, more than any others, truly needs to be fixed. Interestingly, the problem seems to go away if headphones are used, but as someone who tries to avoid headphones as often as possible, this isn't an acceptable fix. I notice that you said the problem only occurs if VO is running. That's very interesting. I will have to turn off vo and try opening a couple of apps where I encounter this, just to see if the sound is still choppy. I'm glad that someone else has finally posted about this particular ios glitch.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Actuy, sorry for the mistake. It happens with VO and without Vo. In fact, it is doing it right now as I'm typing.