Some questions about Garageband for iPhone

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Hello there, I’m just wondering,if anyone has used garageband on iphone? I’ve been trying to use GB for a while now, so I can put some covers out. How to use it on IPhone, and, how do I go upon getting all the instruments I want? IDK if logic is on IOS, and, I like to have a wide style of instruments.



Submitted by Dhiraj borkar on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Actually, after releasing the update of GarageBand on iOS 11, it became difficult to access it’s all The features on iPhone or on iPad. almost 45 to 50% you can use It’s features beautifully.

but when the thing comes to track editing, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t allow us to set the things like volume, pan, bass and treble for different tracks. And all the features of track editing. Specially this eco and reverb and master effects have not been working since the release of iOS 11 version of GarageBand. And all the drum kits we can’t use it with voiceover. they are just played on there own. We have nothing to do with the drum kits.

If you want to add new voices and sound packs. then You can click on add by opening the app. there you will have all the packs to download. All the packs are almost free.

And At last, one thing I want to tell. That I had been a frequent user of GarageBand. I could use it very fluently before the release of iOS 11. I have some recordings to prove it. But nowadays it is too difficult to use it.

And the number of blind users of GarageBand is very less. And those People who are using it little bit. They wil not share there experiences.

So I want to request the developers of GarageBand to please make it 100% voiceover friendly. Thank you. Hope that helps.