Some questions about clearing apps off my iPhone.

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I have a 16 gig iPhone 4 which is very quickly running out of space. My question is, can I delete apps from it without deleting them from my account? If I delete them from my phone, how do I prevent them from being deleted from iTunes or iCloud? Can I get them back if I want to at a later date? Thanks, Shersey



Submitted by KE7ZUM on Sunday, December 23, 2012

All that will happen is this. the app will become unchecked in your library. and if you do remove said apps from your library you can get it back through the purchased section of the iTunes store. good luck.

As Marrie says it just deletes them from the phone, not from your account. You can get them back by finding them in the purchased section, or just searching for them in the App Store on the phone. There will be a button labelled Install. Alternatively, if you sync your iPhone with an iTunes library on your computer, just plug the iPhone in, go to it's Apps tab in iTunes and tick the box for the app to be synced to the phone again.