Solution to the NFL audio pass subscription service

iOS and iPadOS
Hello apple vis Users, I am an NFL audio pass subscriber, and of course, that means I can listen to any game, on any computer with an internet connection. However, the interface to the NFL audio pass site is flash. As you well know, Apple's safari mobile broser, does not support flash. Is there a way threw an ap or otherwise, to be able to listen to the service on the IPhone?



Submitted by Herbie Allen on Sunday, September 15, 2013

You have to download the main nfl app which is free. On the app, log in to your account. During the games you doube tap the menu button on the left and look for schedule. Click on the game you want and after everything loads look for a button that says listen with audio pass. Right now I've only gotten the home feed to work But I will be playing with it some more.