social media use for voice over?

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Hey all I am wanting to get in to short form video content for my company. as such, I want to play with some of the video apps, for doing stories, and such so can someone tell me what is better, youtube, snapchat, ticktock, instagram, twitter or something else for creating new video content? I should note that I am compleetly dependaant on voice over, and have a iphone XS Thanks,



Submitted by Khushi on Sunday, August 16, 2020

I do not use Twitter. but twitter is the most accessible social media app out there..
I do not know about ticktock but am really very doubtful about it cause you can't speak in it. you can just dub yourself with a song or something like that..
Instagram is not fully accessible like twitter but I use it and it's mostly accessible and constantly improving. I should note here that the only inaccessible part I come across on Instagram is stories. they are inaccessible till the user does not have any audio. however, as I said earlier, they are improving. for instance, they labeled the button used to exit out of a story! earlier voice over just said "ig icon outline 24." Instagram is fairly accessible in my opinion.
snapchat is not accessible. I do not use it but know as I follow many bloggers and they knew it by experience.
so in my opinion, go for the following and leave the rest out due to inaccessibility.
1. twitter
2. YouTube
3. Instagram
4. Facebook

I should state here that this is my own opinion and I only have light perception so like you, I'm completely dependent on voice over.

hope it helps :)