So-called inaccessible games

iOS and iPadOS
Hey all, I'm looking for fun games to play that are generally thought of as inaccessible. this started when I saw Street Fighter 4. If money wasn't so tight right now I'd b uy that one, and probably will once things settle down. Any other suggestions? (By the way guys and girls, just cuz something is said to be inaccessible doesn't mean it's unplayable by the blind. It just means you can't use it with Voiceover.) So how about it, any thoughts?



Submitted by swordsmasher on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

If only the blind swordsman was available for Ipad. Also I thought about what it would be like if they gave a god of war game for Ipad the same concept as a blind legend. Needless to say god of war the audio addition. That would be cool

Submitted by swordsmasher on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So far however the only game I heard of that was new was oubliette for IOS. It's a really fun accessible dungeon rpg