iOS and iPadOS

Has anyone found a way to get the Snapchat app to work? When I open the app voiceover just gives me the blank screen sound but a sighted friend tells me there is a take picture button.
Is there a work around or something to be able to access this button to be able to take a picture?
I tried to tweet Snapchat and SnapchatSupport last week with no response.
Has anyone tried contacting them and gotten a response?
Also, there is the Twitter handles I mentioned above, but I noticed on the Snapchat website there is a place where you can give feedback.
Is there any sort of template letter I could use that already has the necessary links to try to get them to make Snapchat accessible?
I feel Snapchat is becoming increasingly popular and we should not be left out! Even if the "take picture" button were unlabeled, it should at least be a button voiceover can read!
We need to somehow put pressure on Snapchat! Periscope listened to our pressure and improved the accessibility of Periscope! Thanks!