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Hi All,

Before I upgraded to IOS 10, when I used the siriusXM app as soon as I double-tapped the channels button I was placed on I think it was the all channels button and when I flicked right I found the on demand category then music and then sports. After upgrading to IOS 10 however, after I double-tap the channels button it's not nearly as easy to find the music button, the sports button etc. I actually get placed back on the rewind button from the last channel I was on. It's like all of the category buttons are mixed in between the favorites button and all of the other buttons on that page instead of starting at I guess it would be the top left of the screen and all of the category buttons being together, maybe like the screen doesn't completely refresh or something. The category buttons are there, they just aren't as easy to find as they were before, and btw the same thing happens once I click on a category button, the different channel buttons are there but they aren't as easy to find as they used to be.

Has anybody else experienced this and if so is there anything that can be done to reorganize the page back to the way it was before the upgrade? Btw I'm using an iPhone 5s if it makes a difference.



Submitted by sockhopsinger on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I think I remember this problem. However, the app was just recently updated, today or yesterday. Have you downloaded the most recent version update? If so, is it still presenting the same problems?

Submitted by Troy B on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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I just updated after reading the comment, and it may be slightly easier but not much, the category buttons are still after the rewind, back, play/pause, and forward buttons whereas they used to start at the upper left as I said before, or at least it appeared that way. Just in the couple of seconds that I had with the new update before replying here though it did appear that the category and channel buttons may be a little easier to find, but it'll take me a day or 2 of working with the app to be able to tell how much easier it'll be.

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

That is true. I have no problem selecting the category I want. When I get to the channel list, I tap my way around the screen until I happen to land on a channel and then start swiping. It works, but I agree it is a pain in the neck.

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My radio is on its last legs. Do you have an actual receiver or just the online? If you do have a receiver, which one do you use and how accessible is it? Thanks.

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hello Troy!

I had the Sirius app on my ipad when my dad had a free trial subscription & it was _horrible! It was accessible, but _barely! It'd've been better to navigate the darn app without voiceover! Which is not doable for me since I have to have vo to use the ipad! Dad ended up canceling his subscription after the free trial ended & I'm happy! I thought it'd be accessible, but learned otherwise. That's sad for me because they had a lot of stations on that I liked too! O & by the way, this was when i was on ios 9. So you're not alone. I tried finding loophobes & work-arounds but it was just no use.

Submitted by Pa. Joe on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Back in 2014 before I started using mac, I tried the online radio subscription. Using jaws it was horrible. My wife told me that it even was difficult for sighted people to use because the writing was so small. I'm not surprised to hear you folks are having difficulties. Tune in radio is sneaking up on them fast, or at least I think so.

I hear that the app hasn't been accessible in the past, but aside from this little annoyance that I posted about I don't find it hard to use at all after I got used to where things were on the screen so maybe they've changed it in the past couple of years.

I've had an xm subscription for their receivers for a number of years, and when I called to ask about an online subscription I was given a price that I couldn't resist. I haven't regretted it so far...

Submitted by themusicman08 on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I have no issues here and I use the SiriusXM app on an IOS 9.35 IPod 16 gb device. I can not reproduce the issues that are reported on this forum. However, if you need help with it, please get a hold of me privately and I will see what I can do if you follow me on Twitter.

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