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I'm just wondering why AppleVis doesn't have a section for said category.

Some sites where you can find Siri Shortcuts include:






Submitted by Clayton Jacobs… on Monday, June 22, 2020

Thank you for posting these references. The issue I have had with Shortcuts is that using them isn't really a shortcut. For example, I have one that's supposed to post the current song I'm listening to on Instagram. The only way this shortcut even works is when I go to the Shortcuts app and run it from there. Kind of defeats the purpose of siri Shortcuts.

Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Monday, June 22, 2020

If you have Full Keyboard Access enabled, (Settings>Accessibility)Keyboards)Full Keyboard Access), you can assign siri shortcuts to keyboard shortcuts easily.

Alternatively, you can assign Siri Shortcuts to VoiceOver Commands, (Settings)Accessibility)VoiceOver)Commands)
, though I am not having luck getting those to work using that method.
I have not tried using VO screen gestures as Siri shortcuts yet.

Hopefully, more folks can chime on the subject, for what Siri shortcuts they like and/or how to use them with out needing to open the Shortcuts app first.