siri problems

iOS and iPadOS
For some reason when I go in to contacts to set my relationship status on a contact when I tell siri to text my girlfriend even after I set the relationship status in contacts it still acts like it doesn't know who my girlfriend is why is that happening and is there a way to fix that?



Submitted by Tristan on Thursday, October 3, 2013

Try activating Siri (hold down the home button for two seconds). Then say the relationship status, instead of manually inputting it into contacts. For example: "Wilma is my mom." "Chris is my uncle." "Jack is my dad." "Fred is my son." Siri should then log the relationship and you can then say things like: "Call my dad." "Tell my son I'll be late." Hope this helped!

Submitted by allseed on Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hi, I write my contacts in and have found that unless you do the exact labeling in the precise place, siri will not recognize them.

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