Siri Female for Voiceover Keeps Disappearing

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Good morning everyone,

I have noticed that on my new iPhone 11 running iOS 13.2.3 or whatever the last version of iOS is, the American Siri female voice keeps disappearing from my Voiceover voices. I prefer using Siri female, so I downloaded the voice on my previous phone through accessibility>voiceover>speech>voices. Whenever I restart the phone now, it keeps reverting to Samantha. When I try to redownload Siri female, because it appears to have been deleted, it takes several attempts to redownload. None of the other enhanced voices do this to me. They all behave as expected.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue? I heard from someone that we can no longer use the Siri female voices for Voiceover, but I know for a fact that's not true, because on my previous phone it still works fine. Thanks in advance for your experiences or help on this.



Submitted by Holger Fiallo on Friday, November 29, 2019

I am using male siri. Had same issue. I noticed that my male siri voice needed to be deleted. I redownloaded male siri and now it works. No issues at this time. Download it again and see what happens. If is shows that is already downloaded, delete it and do it again. Hope it works. iOS 13.3 suppose to be out next week. Hope it will fix the many bugs we get.

Submitted by Victoria F on Friday, November 29, 2019

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I'll try this. I'll just try not to reboot my phone unless I absolutely have to until it gets fixed LOL.