Sing! by Smule

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Hey guys,
One of my favorite apps I enjoy using is called Sing! by Smule. Even though the tabs are unlabeled, I still use it regardless. If you guys don't know what sing is, it is a Karaoke app that lets you do collaborations eather solo, duet, or with a group. I've recently subscribed to the VIP all access pass, where you could access a thousand songs, and tuns of voice effects. Does any of my AppleVis community membors currently, or used to use sing! by smule? I still do, and I love it! btw, if anyone wishes to follow me, you may do so. username is:



Submitted by Chrystal on Friday, October 7, 2016

Well I am thoroughly disappointed with Sing. When I first got the app, early last year, it was awesome; most of the buttons were clearly labeled, and voice-over could even read the lyrics to the songs. A couple of months later, the lyrics became inaccessible, but the rest of the app was still reasonably easy to navigate. Now however, it is downright impossible! Now I am stuck with an all access pass which I can't use. I tried writing to Smule, but there again, I hit a wall. In order to contact them, you have to do that stupid google capture thing. Am I the only one out here who is annoyed at the way the accessibility of this app has devolved?

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