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It goes without saying that I am a music fanatic. 99 percent of the time when I'm jamming out, I'm not listening to just one album. I'm shuffling the tunes. However, most of the time when I am listening to only one album, I still like to shuffle. This brings me to my question. In iOS6, it was extremely easy to choose if you wanted to shuffle only one album, the entire artist collection, or your entire music collection. However, since they changed the look of the music app in iOS7, it no longer shuffles only one album, unless it's the only album you have from said artist. Lets look at an example. in iOS6, if I had my entire George Strait collection loaded onto my I Device, I could double tap on an album, and it would open it right up. Then it gave me the list of tracks, and I could choose to shuffle just that album. Now, lets try the same in iOS 7. I put the same George Strait collection on my device, then go to select the album. Of course, now, each album is under it's own heading. I find the album I want, by using my roter to select headings, then flick up or down to find said album. Once I find it, I can see a shuffle button. However, clicking that button no longer just shuffles that one album. it now shuffles the entire George Strait collection. Does anyone know how to shuffel only one album using iOS7? Thanks in advance for your help.




I'm not an expert on shuffling. I listen mostly to classical music and you don't shuffle a symphony. But I think if you select the "Albums" tab on the bottom of the screen so the app displays your music by album. Then double tap on the album you want to listen to. Then double tap the "Shuffle" button. I think that will just randomly play from the selected album, but like I said above, I'm not an expert on this.

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Thanks a bunch. That worked. I don't know why, but I never thought of tapping on the album tab. I usually browse by artist. That did the trick though. Thanks again.