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Hi everyone. I've ound an app that looks amazing, and I'm wondering if anyone has checked it out. It's called SHREDDER for iPhone. The developer is listed as Yonac, inc. If it does half of what the description says, it would be well worth the $4.99 pricetag: provided, of course, that it's accessible. I'm going to ask the developer about the app's accessibility, but I wanted to post here in the hope that I could get some actual user feedback from a VoiceOver-user perspective. Thanks a bunch!



Submitted by Esther on Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shredder Chess was made accessible for VoiceOver users two years ago, along with another chess app named Chess-wise from a different developer. You can read the AppleVis review of the free, lite version of Shredder Chess at:


P.S. This was all done with feedback from members of the viphone list who contacted the developers, so it has been checked out.  It's just that many of the apps that were made accessible during the period when AppleVis was getting started never got detailed write ups of their background.

Hi Esther. That's great news about the Shredder Chess app, but I was actually referring to an app called, "Shredder for iPhone," not Shredder Chess. Smile. The app I'm curious about is an one that lets a person plug their guitar into an iPhone and control synthesizers and other music-related stuff without a special hardware interface. I'll have to check out the Shredder Chess app. Happy shredding!