Sharing Contacts

iOS and iPadOS

Hello, this is a first time post / question / concern. I volunteer with the Biloxi VA Blind Regab Center and hel[p. veterans, typically older, to learn how to use Apple products - phones, pads, Macs - and how to get around and use them easier. As friends are made and contact information is shared I will show the easiest way of doing so when blind, using the "share contact" option towards the bottom of contact cards. The issue becomes that people, myself included, don't always want to share all. of the information available on the contact card - birthdays, addresses, etc. Quite often we only want to share the phone number and e-mail for a person. Passing along names, numbers, e-mail addresses using voice over is not impossible, but certainly more difficult and when adding in the age issue, it becomes very frustrating. I help to create aliases using a nickname field that will have only that information for the person, but for others, this is not feasible. Is it possible to have a sub-selection after selecting "share contact" that would have the options of "All information" and "Only phone and e-mail"? Sharing informaion via air-drop is the most quickest and easiest way of doing this without having to fill in multiple fields.

Thank you for this great products, they have changed many lives for the better, lets keep improving with ideas to make ti better.