Shake to wake: I finally found a loud and reliable alarm clock

iOS and iPadOS

I have been looking for a good alarm clock, something to really wake me up since Yocto Clock is gone. I kept searching the app store like crazy and finally found this. It is an alarm clock where you have to shake the phone or iPad to be able to turn off the alarm. You can change shake sensitivity and set the alarms just fine. It is really easy to use. The only thing I have noticed when playing with this is that the exit button on the alarms screen is labeled stop instead of done. But this doesn’t matter. Just turn the volume on high, plug in the charger and keep the app in the foreground. The app will prevent the iOs device from locking. This app is completely free with NO in app purchases at all. No ads, not anything like that. Everything is clearly labeled except for that button I told you about. It is like the alarm on yocto clock in that it doesn’t stop after a while, but it keeps ringing until you shake it. You can actually put the phone on the desk if it is far away from the bed and then turn up the volume as loud as it can go and then you will have to get out of bed, walk to the desk and then shake the device a little to hard depending on your setting. I am soon going to create an iOs app entry for this app but would like to hear your thought of this app. I haven’t yet tried it in the morning but have done a long test to make sure it doesn’t stop ringing. I had it on for ten minutes, but then I had to turn the volume down quite a lot for the sound not to drive me crazy. :-) it is LOUD. There are several sounds to choose from and I prefer the buzzer one because it sounds like my father’s old alarm clock.