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Hi all,

There's been a bit of a pattern to my posts in the last week. They've all been about battery drain on my iPhone 8, which I've experienced ever since updating. I went from 12.4.1 to 13.1, to 13.1.1 (which was supposed to fix it), to 13.1.2 and there's been no significant change. I've turned off battery optimisation, shared battery analytics with Apple Support which revealed nothing amiss, recovered the IOS with iTunes, and done all sorts of resets and restores, except setting up as new.

Why haven't I tried setting up as new? In part because the amount of work I imagine it will be depresses me somewhat, and in part because I don't really know much about this process. I've a genius bar appointment on Friday to look into the battery issue, but I wonder if anyone can help me with a few questions first:

1. Do you think it's inevitable that the genius will want me to have tried setting up the iPhone as new? In other words, do I have no practical choice but to bite the bullet and set the iPhone up as new before Friday?

2. When one sets up an iPhone as new, what happens to messages, contacts, photos, videos and music? Will I be able to get them back even though I am not restoring a backup from iTunes or iCloud? What about my fitness data in the activity app?

3. I know I have to download each app manually and that there is a section in my account on the app store showing apps I've previousy had installed. Do I have to download them one at a time, or can I simply press the 'download' button on the fifty or so I want, build up a download queue that way and leave the phone to it?

4. Before setting up as new I will, of course, unpair my Apple Watch cellular. When I re-pair that watch, should i be choosing to set the watch up as a new watch or to restore from an iCloud backup of the watch? For the avoidance of doubt, I am having no issues with my watch battery.

If there is anything else I need to know, please feel free to cover anything I haven't mentioned. I'm honestly rather fed up with the whole prospect of having to do this. I have never set up as new before - well, not since my first iPhone in 2010, of course.



Submitted by Justin Philips on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Do a backup in your icloud so when everything is deleted, your phone will pull all the stuff that you mentioned from the cloud. It may take a couple of hours max to restore your phone. If you were to go to the store, even they would do the same. Have you tried to prevent apps from refreshing in the background? That may be a setting that is worth checking out. Also, put your phone in the airplane mode and see if there is a fast drain in the battery.

Submitted by VivekP on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hello there,
The first thing (you probably might already have checked in to) is to see whether you could try and minimise background app refresh. I have found over the years that apps (particularly FB, Twitter and other social media apps) really eat in to one's phone batteries.
Another thing you might like to try is to reset your Phone settings. This will not delete any of your data except you will have to key in your WIFI password, VO settings and other app-specific settings you currently have.
I, of course, think it might presumably help.
Another thing, have you checked your battery health? if it is below 80%, then you might have to replace your battery at the end.
In any case, back up your iPhone before tampering with it in any way.
As far as your health data and Apple Watch is concerned, I do not think you will have to pair your watch as a new one, it should recognise it as yours since you will be signed in to I-cloud at any rate.
I understand that health data is also backed up on the cloud so no worries on losing it.
Hope this helps,
Good day!

Submitted by Bingo Little on Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Thanks for your help. the points about background app refresh and aeroplane mode are good ones. I will try them.

As to iCloud, the process you seem to be describing is a restore from iCloud backup. Perhaps i wasn't clear enough before, but I have already done this. Or are you saying that I should choose to set up the iPhone as new and then, when I have done that, restore from iCloud? When I talk about setting up as new, I'm working on the basis that I've already restored from an iCloud backup and that has done no good. You are right, though, that backing up before I do anything is really important and I will certainly do this.

The point about reset all settings occurred to me. Sadly, it is one of the things I have tried that made no difference.

Battery health shows 88% so there is certainly a depreciation from the capacity as new. I would question whether that is responsible for what I am experiencing now as my battery drain issues coincide with the IOS update, but it's a possibility.

Thanks for the good luck wishes. I will persevere.