setting up iphone messages on ipad

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I just got an iphone Se last weekend. I've had an ipad mini 4 for a little over a year. Today when I opened messages on my ipad, I got an alert asking if I want to receive my iphone messages on my ipad and it gave me the option to turn it on now or set up later in my messages settings on my phone. I chose not to turn it on, but I was wondering what this means. Does this mean that a message I send from my iphone will also be sent and received on my ipad or is it device specific, meaning messages I send from my phone will not get delivered to my ipad and vice versa?



Submitted by Betsy on Sunday, April 23, 2017

If you turn this on, you will see your text messages on both devices. I think that unless you are texting with another ios device , you must use your phone to send.