Sensi Thermostat Changing Temperature On Its Own

iOS and iPadOS

I have just gotten a Sensi smart thermostat. I really like it and have so far found the app to be completely VO friendly. However, I have been using the thermostat for about 24 hours and, during that time, it has twice changed the set temperature on its own. This should not have happened because I have not set up any schedules. I know that there are some people on Applevis with Sensi thermostats. Have any of you experienced this and do you know how to fix it? I'm sure there is something in the app I am missing but I can't figure out what it might be.



Submitted by Roj on Monday, March 30, 2020

When I first started using a Sensi thermostat about a year ago I noticed that it did indeed change the temperature setting a few times a day, but since the changes were consistent I figured it was just a basic schedule that was built in to the unit. Unfortunately, I have been unable to use the app to set up my own schedule so I just use my Alexa device to adjust it when needed.